Patient Portal

  • Easy-to-Use Real Time Online Scheduling

  • New Patient Registration

  • Patient Check-in

  • Virtual Visits

  • Secure Messaging

  • Personalized Outreach

  • Online Payment Capablity

  • Patient Engagement

  • Integrated with EMRx

Easy access to providers for patients. Reduce workload for staff.

Patient Portal

Consumers today look for online access in their health care: control, convenience, transparency, communication and mobility. Giving your patients access to their health records as well as more online control over their own health care via a patient portal that is at the same time easy to navigate, robust and versatile empowers them – and motivates them – to participate more actively in their health.

Here are six features that will entice your patients to adopt a patient portal and stay engaged.


  • Online payment feature. Chances are, your patients pay their bills online, balance their checkbooks and do most of their banking online – no matter their age group. 

  • ​Virtual Visits. Improve access and experience for patients. Increases patient visit volume.

  • Scheduling. Online appointment makes the scheduling process much easier for both parties.

  • Requesting refills and checking prescriptions. 

  • The ability to view test and lab results. 

  • Secure messaging. Patients can communicate directly with providers.

Strengthen your patient-provider relationships, tailor access based on your operations and patient needs, reduce missed appointments, and provide qualified patients with alternative options for new, follow-up, or ongoing care.

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